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The top 5 projected QB's of Madden 21

Here are CLIK’s Top 5 projected Quarterbacks in Madden 21. In the real life NFL, this list is different. However, in the Madden world…speed kills. So Lets get into it

5. Tom Brady

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Tom Brady is the GOAT

But like I said this is Madden World. To win games in Madden with Brady the offensive line has to protect him. Which in Tampa Bay it has been an issue. Just ask Jameis Winston. However, Tampa Bay just signed Joe Haeg a veteran guard to protect Brady. So we think Brady might be protected pretty well. We expect Brady to keep his resiliency, vision, toughness, accuracy, intelligence, and hot arm under pressure. You won’t have to worry about his pass accuracy in the game as we expect him to be right on target.

Lets just hope that Brady (who is turning 43 When camp starts) holds up without injury so all the Bostonians can take a vacation in Madden to Tampa and play with their favorite QB. Oh and also the Gronkster. While wearing their Patriot gear? (lets be honest a lot of you Bostonians are becoming Snow Birds now.)

4. Drew Brees

Photo Credit: Business Insider

It is a known fact that Drew Brees keeps stacking records as he holds the NFL career marks for passing yards, passing touchdowns, completion percentage, and completions.

Drew Orleans is coming back to Madden 21 with a solid outlook. His accuracy should be the same but we do expect his arm strength to drop a little bit. His pocket presence is perfect. If you can get him to dropback, and set his feet, he will deliver a nice ball. The mayor of New Orleans is creeping up there in age, but he has youth around to keep his blood flowing. Michael Thomas has been a monster and should continue his success in Madden 21. Overall, Drew Brees and the Saints will be a good pick in Madden21.

3.  Russel Wilson

Photo Credit: CBS Sports

That picture looks like he’s saying “I don’t agree with this”. Well if you think you’re ranked #1 QB to be in Madden 21 you’re wrong bro. But that’s not knocking him one bit. Russ and the Seahawks will be a fun team to select in Madden 21. Overall he has a very accurate arm and can throw on the run perfect in Madden 20. So we expect the same in Madden 21. Oh yeah and he has the freak Wide Receiver who we think will have a breakout year- D.K. Metcalf. They also just signed Carlos Hyde for a one year deal to help with the running game. Russel Wilson is not a joke, in fact we’re predicting in real life that he might even win MVP this upcoming year. Watch him kill it in Madden 21.

2. Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson is #2 on this list. But we know for a fact hes #1 on a lot of gamers/fans list. Additionally, we think the Ravens will be the favorite team for gamers this year. And its not a secret why. It’s the Michael Vick effect. Lamar Jackson sucks to play against in the game. Goodluck trying to spy him with a linebacker because he is ridiculously fast and agile. Lamar’s arm strength is impressive also. He will be heaving the ball downfield this upcoming year to Marquise “Hollywood” Brown and tight end Mark Andrews.

Jackson completed two games with a perfect passer rating last year in the NFL. We expect him to be one of the most played players in the game this upcoming year in Madden 21. LJ is our #2 pick overall for Madden 21.

1. Patrick Mahomes

Photo credit: Essentially Sports

Patrick Mahomes is a former baseball player who already has achieved too many accomplishments and is known for his circus plays. His passing technique alongside his Ludacris long throws brought records for yards surpassed in a season.

The reigning Super Bowl MVP will give Madden gamers a thrill like non other. He’s got a cannon for an arm and is fast enough to get away from defenders and make plays down field. Having a speedster like Tyreek Hill, and a monster like Travis Kelce will also attribute to victories.

His extreme awareness, agility, and quick speed set him apart from every other player. Because of his outstanding performances, he is the #1 player on our list.