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OBJ's Call of Duty obsession

Posted by John Gagliano on
OBJ's Call of Duty obsession

OBJ.. How good is he at this game? So apparently since the quarantine OBJ has been on a Call of Duty kick. Actually lets check his regiment out according to @realdockery on TikTok.

OBJ's daily regiment:

10am- Breakfast

11am-Workout #1

1pm- Call of duty Warzone

2pm- Workout #2

3pm- Call of Duty Warzone

5pm- Workout #3

7pm- Call of duty Warzone

10pm- Recovery

 video is from @realdockery on TikTok of OBJ

Snag some footballs 1 handed

To me that sounds like the perfect day. Snag some football’s 1 handed, eat a ton of food with high protein, and then kill it in COD 3 times a day. Oh yeah and end the day off in recovery which is him chillin’ in the pool or hot tub in that TikTok video...hopefully with some girls around to help with “proper recovery”. Oh wait its quarantine we’re all still social distancing...right?

Anyway like I asked before how good is OBJ at Call of Duty Warzone? according to him he’s getting “nothing but dubs on there”. Comment below and tell us on a scale of 1-10 how good you think OBJ is at the game!


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