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Bronny James vs. Tyceno part 2

Posted by John Gagliano on
Bronny James vs. Tyceno part 2


There has been confirmation of Bronny vs. Tyceno part 2. Bronny will be playing with teammate @AdinRoss and Tyceno will be playing with @MilesBrown. If you didnt know already it was a massacre in game 1. Bronny swept Tyceno 4 games to 0. We think Tyceno had an off night and he couldn't work well with his teammate Miles Brown. This is not to downplay Bronny though, who definitely was the MVP of the 1st series. The game is scheduled for Saturday June 20th @ 9pm Pacific time. We will keep you updated. Check out Tyceno's video here for a review of the 1st series. 

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