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Bronny James cookin' in NBA2K

Posted by John Gagliano on

Bronny Swept the infamous 2k player Tyceno, beating him and actor Miles Brown in the recent 2,000$ wager, 4 games to 0. Talk about a beatdown. But it seemed like an off night for Tyceno, along with his teammate Miles Brown. the 2 just couldn't get it together.

Nonetheless, Bronny is actually a beast in the game. The build he was using was a perimeter lockdown. He's got good handles and knows how to create seperation between him and the defender. His crossover stepback is pretty deadly as he can nail it from 3 or slash his way to the hoop. 

The stream was pretty entertaining. It showed the holes of NBA 2K20 as well. That intimidator badge was pissing everyone off! And then Bronny's stream got FRIED!! basically he lost connection and wasn't able to stream the game anymore. Probably was a good thing for Tyceno as most people went to his stream after that. But if only he could have delivered results. Tyceno and Miles really got smoked. Maybe Tyceno just needed a different teammate.

Respect to Tyceno though. Hes been having wagers with all kinds of players in the 2k community. Lets see who will be next to square off. 2k gotta do something bout that intimidator badge though right?!?

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