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The top 5 best players to be in NBA2K20

Posted by John Gagliano on
The top 5 best players to be in NBA2K20

If you ask this kid he’d probably say LEBRON JHAMEsss. But honestly I dont know about that..


#1 Giannis Antetokounmpo 

And yes I did google how to spell that last name. Bruh, Giannis is unstoppable in this game. The former MVP was created with Freakish talent in 2K20. He’s fast, he’s strong, he can dunk, shoot, steal, block. Its actually insane trying to defend against him. And to make matters worse he’s got the teammates that will absolutely demolish you if you leave them open. Khris Middleton’s shot release is cash, Lopez can shoot 3’s and is great in the paint. Bledsoe is a bulldog on the court. Korver, Matthews, Hill, Divencenzo, all are great shooters.

But back to Giannis. Give him the ball in the post hes deadly. You need a Kawhi Leonard or an Anthony Davis to have a chance at stopping him. On the perimeter Giannis is so quick on the drive, and if you can master his hop step correctly its extremely hard to guard against. Giannis’ jump shot is also perfect. Go in to practice mode and do some jumpshots with him on Hall of Fame settings. You will get alot of greens in the mid range, and even his corner 3’s are hot zones. Overall if you want to dominate, pick the Bucks and let Giannis cause havoc. You will see what happens.

# 2 Lebron James

Yeah you knew it was coming...Lebron is still an incredible force in the game. He is insanely fast and athletic on the court. His defense is crazy too. You can select him and if done right totally lockup any player in the game (except Giannis). But seriously put the ball in Lebron’s hands and let him go to work. Drive the paint and get the ball to the rim because if you do that and miss more than likely Javale Mcgee or Anthony the brow Davis is going to get the rebound. It is tough, tough, tough to beat this years Laker team in the game. Just like the Bucks they have excellent shooters to compliment Lebron and AD. Danny Green, Caldwell Pope, Morris, hell even Caruso can shoot. But back to Lebron...he has been dominating 2k since he got in the league, and its no different this year. His jumpshot release is smooth and his fadeaway jumper in the paint is Cash. The best way to use him obviously is play fast, and get to the rim. I promise he wont dissapoint.

#3 Kevin Durant

Now I know Durant was hurt this year in real life, but we are talking about 2k here. And since the virus happened and the NBA season was cancelled (until further notice) All the injured players have been made available for playing Online.That means Kyrie Irving is available too. So now all of a sudden the Brooklyn Nets have been one of the best teams to select. Durant is just a nightmare. He's insanely quick for a 6'11 player. Get him in the triple threat, put out some jab steps, and just pull up for the green release. If your defender is pressing you, fake the shot and go to the rim. He's got some pretty sick dunk animations in the game too this year. Overall its typical Durant. Lights out jump shot and easy takeover.

#4 Luka Doncic

Luka dynamite Doncic. I know alot of people might hate on this. But honestly this guy is a killer on the court in 2K20. For some reason his shot release is so money. I am actually placing him over James Harden in this game...Crazy right? I dont know if its so crazy. Playing with Luca Doncic is mesmerizing. His shot release is so quick, even with defenders close you can get that green release off. His 3pt. Game is truly unstoppable. And on the drive watch out. Although he is not as powerful as Lebron when it comes to the drive his playmaking ability is truly comparable to Lebron’s. He has great ball control in the paint and can easily pass the ball on the drive or complete the dunk/layup. Master the step back with Luka and watch your opponent get so frustrated about guarding him!

#5 James Harden

Ugh, I was so close to putting Steph Curry here. The difference was the slashing ability of James Harden. Suprisingly in 2K20 Harden's strength is ridiculous. I have had some posterizing dunks with Harden in this game. That was the main difference between putting Harden here and not Curry. Harden's jumpshot is no joke either. If you start to get hot with him then watchout. You can easily go off with Harden at anytime. However the one thing I can't master is his signature stepback. (You tap the shoot button when your driving to the basket.) For some reason I think Im going to nail it everytime but it doesnt happen. I dont know if im mistiming it or if its patched...Who knows!

Close calls

Steph Curry- best shooter in game

Kawhi Leonard- Crazy defense, Great shooting/slashing

Anthony Davis - Paint beast, Board beast

Kyrie Irving- handles, speed, and shooting

Let us know what you think leave a comment below if im dead wrong, or if you agree, or say whatever u want IDC 

-John @ClikGaming


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