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Content Creator Spotlight...@Streets

Posted by John Gagliano on
Content Creator Spotlight...@Streets

@Streets@Streetss or @Streetsa1 different Social Media usernames but the same person. And trust me the content is the same. Streets is the name of this content creator who boasts over 280k followers on Tik Tok with up to 4.6 MILLION likes. And there is no guessing why.


Raw talent as an artist. When we first created our ClikGaming page on Tik Tok, we stumbled upon an artist who was custom designing Xbox and Playstation controllers. We were instantly captured. The creativity of the art mixed with the gaming aspect was so compelling. The first design we saw him do was a tiger themed controller. Basically he gets a standard white controller, anything you would see off amazon or microsoft store and puts his mind and creativity to work. And the results...DOPE. The controller came out so cool looking, and would have anyone willing to buy it at least double the price as the standard controller. That's the beauty of art, taking something plain and ordinary and using your own gift and personal touch and producing something EPIC. Check out this custom Kirby controller he did below!


Not only is Streets talented with his art, and creativity..he has mastered his editing skills, especially for Tik Tok. He is able to take you through his process in a minute or less. Tik Tok only allows up to 1 min video's which brings on the kind of quick content creators need to produce. Streets shows you from the unboxing of the plain controller to him having his signature Posca Paint Marker pens, to him creating the design on the controllers right in front of your eyes. All while doing his voice over with a selected song in the background. Edited to perfection.


He's not just creating his designs on gaming controllers. He has done sneakers, shoes, backpacks, phone cases, keychains, Nintendo Switches and even Planks. Planks you say? yeah Planks Eddy (You'll see). That's the sign of a true artist, someone who can create something dope out of a piece of wood. Check it out!

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This content creator is blowing up fast. We recommend dropping a follow now so you can tell all of your friends "I followed him before any of you even knew him". Maybe this blog post will help you out. His TikTok is @Streetss His Instagram is @Streetsa1 and His YouTube is @Streetsa1

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