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John Gagliano - 6/10/20

@NickMercs has advice for upcoming streamers

You probably know him. Guy is a legend. At the moment he currently has 3.6M followers on Twitch with over 104 million views. On YouTube he has over 2 million followers. He is famous for streaming Fortnite, and Call of Duty. Currently right now Call of Duty Warzone is his game of choice, which is no surprise the game is dope as hell. He has a huge following to say the least, and its no wonder why.

Streaming as a job  

As we will show you in the upcoming video, Nick never imagined that he could stream for a living. The idea of sitting at home playing a video game and making money doing it was actually never in a lot of people's mind. However, look at things now. The gaming industry is booming fast. Look at what just happened with the Coronavirus pandemic, a ton of industries failed, unemployment spiked higher than ever. But what about gaming? Exactly- it got even bigger. And guess what when the pandemic is completely over you think gaming and streaming is going to lose its popularity? Of course not. People will want to play/watch games whether or not there is a pandemic. Its part of our lives now. 

Check out this video

Nick has some advice if you want to be a streamer.
Well in this part we will let Nick do the talking. We highly suggest you watch this video. This is from @NickMercs Twitch stream. Honestly this guy is a real dude, he's already got enough followers. But seriously you should follow him.